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10% bitcoin discount

If you pay with bitcoins you get an extra 10% discount to your order! It will be calculated by our store automatically AFTER you check out. No promo codes are required!

Big orders discounts

If you place an order over 500$ (before shipping) you get  5% discount!
If your order is over 1000$ (before shipping) you get 10% off + free shipping!

Discounts will be calculated by our store automatically AFTER you checkout. No promo codes are required!

Loyalty program for repeat customers

All customers get the following LIFETIME discounts for all products in our store:

5% after 3 orders placed
10% after 6 orders paced
15% after 10 orders placed

IMPORTANT: our international, USA domestic and EU domestic sections are in fact 3 different sites with 3 different independent databases. To get this discount you need to place all orders in one and the same section! Example:
if you placed 4 orders in our international section and 2 orders in our USA domestic section you get only 5% discount in our international section! If you place one more order in our USA domestic warehouse you will also get 5% discount there.

Referals program

You can invite new customers by using your personal reference link (find it in your account - Dashboard - References).

For each order made by each of your referals you get a reward equal to 5% of the order total of your referal. Your reward will be transferred to your account only after your referal`s order is paid and shipped!

There is no limits here! You can invite as many referals as you want/can.
Here is an example: you invited 3 persons.
Person 1 placed an order worth 300$. Your reward would be 300 * 5% = 15$
Person 2 placed an order worth 150$. Your reward would be 7.5$
Person 3 placed an order worth 800$. Your reward would be 40$.
Your total profit for all 3 referals would be 15+7.5+40=62.5$
Not bad! What do you think?
If these referals place same orders after say 2 weeks, you get again 62.5$ on your account!

Make our store work for you!!!

Special discounts

We provide up to 15% discounts for competing athletes and for militaries! To get a discount evidences are required. Please contact us to get more details!


Current discounts (show permanent discounts)


Black Friday promo launched!

Check out the exciting Basicstero five days of BLACK FRIDAY promotion for the International warehouse.
This promo is for the international store and only cryptocurrency is accepted.
It will be running from Friday (23 Nov 2018) for FIVE days (until 28 Nov 2018)!

Promo conditions are as follows:

Pay with bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency, and receive the following FREE:
Buy $100 of products, get $50 worth FREE!
Buy $200 of products, get $150 worth FREE!!
Buy $300 of products, get $300 worth FREE!!!

Detailed instructions are available on our site during the ordering process, just sign in and start ordering!
For those who are not familiar with bitcoin yet, we have a detailed how-to with screenshots: https://int.basicstero.ws/index/bitcoin

Please NOTE - promotion terms and conditions:
*If seized, only the main paid items are reshipped but NOT the free bonus items.
*HGH does not participate as a bonus option in this promotion.
*Unfortunately, we cannot afford to provide both the cart discounts and free bonus items together; therefore, you have two separate option during the promotion:

  1. You can pick up free bonus items from this list within our promo. In this case you get free promo items chosen, but no discounts will be applied to your order.
  2. You can choose to retain the cart discounts (if you have any), but without promo items; In this case please don't choose any free bonus items and just click on "Skip" during the promotion options step of checkout. You won't get free bonus items, but if you have any discounts in your cart, your order total will be discounted (for example, 10% bitcoin discount will be applied only if you don`t choose free bonus items). All discounts may be summed up to a max limit of 40% off. More info about how to get the highest discount you can find in our DISCOUNTS section.


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