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Injectable Methandienone


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Methandienone, methandrostenolone, it's super popular oral anabolic steroid, often called among bodybuilders simply and succinctly - methane. Methandrostenolone, methandienone is by far the most popular, sought-after and one of the most affordable of anabolic steroids in US.

Methandienone EFFECT

Dianabol - the legendary and oldest anabolic. In fact, this drug founded the era of steroids in bodybuilding – Arnold Schwarzenegger started a methandrostenolone cycle for the first time. In opinion of specialists - methandienone, one of the best options to start your "steroid career" since the efficacy of the drug felt by hundreds of thousands of novice bodybuilders.

In our recommended dosages, methane has no toxic effect on the liver. According to observations of the experts, usually all built muscle mass in the first year with methane, will remain with you, unless of course, you are not a complete cretin, excuse the expression. Under cretinism, I mean - complete absence of training on cycle.

The positive effects of methandrostenolone

Increased power performance. "Methane", increases the protein synthesis in the body, increases the thickness of myofibrils: actin and myosin, responsible for muscle contraction. This can be achieved with correct nutrition rich in proteins. Also, the strenght can be increased or held back by the water, which, after completion of the cycle will withdraw. Slight fat burning. This phenomenon occurs due to the release of a large amount of free fatty acids, which are used as a source of energy during intense training. Increased appetite. Since methandrostenolone activates the protein synthesis, the body requires increased amounts of macronutrients to build new muscle fibers. And get the materials to build it can only from the outside, in the form of food. Androgenic action. Although the "methane" has a rather weak androgenic activity, but it is present. In this regard, it has pronounced anabolic effect.


Typically, neophytes take methane at 30 mg - 3 tablets a day for 5-6 weeks. This time is usually enough to break up your anabolism and a solid increase in weight and power indicators.

Some so-called old-school steroid "gurus" recommend taking methandienone by "pyramid" or "slide" that is, you start receiving 1 tablet first day, second day, take 2 tablets., The third three, etc.

Personally, I would highly recommend that you start taking the methane at 1 tablet, three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening, try to take at the same time every day.

Practice shows that 30-40 mg/day is enough to get good results.

Often the question appears: how to take methandienone? It is better take with water or dissolve under the tongue?

It argued that the absorption of the tablets under the tongue allows the drug to bypass the gastrointestinal tract, and directly affect the cell receptors. In fact it is not. The preparation in any case of metabolism in the liver.

Since the period of the Pharmabol 5-6 hours, the daily dose can be split into 3-4 receptions. Take methandrostenolone needed at regular intervals. Take preferably during or after a meal. "Meta" is used on almost any cycle, the most frequently used combinations:

Methane + Deca - with classical regimen - + anabolic androgen, allow you to dial 10 -12 kg of meat in the 7-8 weeks cycle. Dosage of methandienone 30-40 mg. per day, nandrolone decanoate - 200 - 400 mg. in Week.

Dianabol and Testosterone - any of the long and short esters. Methane 30-40mg daily dough 250 -500 mg per week. Both drugs are subject to aromatization, because the course may need to buy anastrozole.

Very often after the use Danabol -metandienona strombafort as if the withdrawal of excess water and fixing typed. Dosages strombaforta 50 mg. in a day. Apply immediately after making the last tablet of methane.

And of course the matandienon solo cycle. The dosage may start from 20 and ends with 50 mg. The cycle is recommended to do more than 6 weeks.

Of course, Dianabol can be included in any muscle build up cycle, at a dosage of 50-60 mg. in which he will combine with injectable drugs.

Admission of methane in the recommended dosages does not appear on your health. The course will be methane highly effective and safe if you follow our recommendations.

Dianabol Side Effects

Side effects of methandrostenolone  are very rare at a daily dose of less than 20 mg. Gynecomastia arises as a result of the conversion of the methandrostenolone into estrogen - the female sex hormones. Solution: Nolvadex (tamoxifen) or Clomid (clomiphene): special preparations anti-estrogens are used to prevent the development of gynecomastia. Fluid retention in the body. Liquid retained mainly muscle, creating a visually large muscular volume. But at the end of the course all the excess fluid removed from the body and the weight is reduced by 10-30% of the score. Solution: adverse reaction is also associated with estrogens and not observed when using anti-estrogens. Toxicity to the liver. Methandrostenolone has a moderate toxic effect on the liver. Solution: in order to reduce side effects Corso, can be taken in parallel and Geptral drink after completing the course. Acne. During the cycle methandrostenolone increased activity of the sebaceous glands which leads to acne. Solution: from rashes on the face, chest, and shoulders can help scrubs and skin care products. Decrease in the level of natural testosterone. This is solved taking Tribulus or ecdysterone.

Among the side effects that occur quite often, you can select high blood pressure, the development of gynecomastia (seen in about 1-2% at a dose of 50 mg.), PCT require using drugs, such as Tamoxifen, Proviron, Anastrazole, although the use of a cycle of tamoxifen it is not justified because the low efficiency. Most experts believe the most appropriate use of Anastrazole at a dose of 0.5 mg. in one day. In this case, you forget about excessive aromatization at all, get rid of unnecessary water, increasing the rigidity of muscles. It is believed that after taking methandienone solo, especially if the drug is used in the first year. However, methane, as virtually any steroid suppresses testosterone production. Because in order to "merge" typed in a minimum amount, I would recommend still take tamoxifen at 20 mg after the cycle, every day for three weeks. This will help to restore the testosterone production in the shortest time and practically avoid rollback. Yes, and in fact up to date, you might want to use tamoxifen to suppress the development of gynecomastia - breast enlargement men. You should not fear gyno if you even notice some signs of gynecomastia on the cycle, process is completely reversible and suppressed by reception of tamoxifen and other anti-aromatization drugs. The experienced athletes recommend keeping tamox and anastrazole in the medicine cabinet for any cycle.

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