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Post Cycle Therapy - PCT


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Post-cycle therapy (hereinafter - PCT) - a set of drugs used to restore the normal functioning of the body after the AAS cycle (androgenic-anabolic steroids). Primarily the endocrine system. It is necessary for:

• Monitoring of adverse events on the course;

• Restoration of the natural hormone levels;

• Minimize the loss of muscle mass after the course;

• Avoiding side effects from AAS. Such as testicular atrophy and gynecomastia.

• Aromatization control

On cycle (without changing the set and dosage of steroids) it is possible to control progestogenic activity of anabolics. It is also possible to maintain the function of the testes to produce testosterone. But in this case the take of additional drugs is necessary.

Aromatization, i.e. the conversion of androgens into estrogens, can be controlled in two ways. You can block the action of estrogen receptors, and it is possible to prevent the process of aromatization by aromatase inhibitors). Accordingly, there are two distinct classes of drugs with different modes of action.

After the course therapy (PCT) - a complex use of drugs, restoring the athlete's physique, and the hormonal balance in the body after a cycle of steroids of varying complexity.

PCT is recommended for all athletes taking any steroids. When muscle recruitment athletes performed after therapy coursework in order to ensure the smallest rollback of weight gained. PCT  reduces rollback, at the same time preserving the quality of gained muscle.

Post-cycle therapy reduces the risk of side effects. One of these effects is - gynecomastia. Water retention in the body affects not the best way on the physical condition of the athlete, as well as the quality of muscle mass typed. PCT is recommended to use for the prevention of testicular atrophy and oligospermia.

One often show negative side effects when taking steroids are - hormonal imbalance in the body.

An athlete taking artificial hormones (or their likeness), creates an imbalance in the system. The body stops producing the hormone itself, due to the fact that it is not required as it occurs and generating atrophy. PCT helps restore production of these hormones and normalize the functioning of the whole organism.

Preparations during the course after treatment can be divided into several categories:

1. Anti-estrogens.

If during the course of a flavoring used steroids, the aromatase inhibitors (anastrozole, Proviron) are used to block the effects of estrogen.

Estrogen receptor blockers are used to restore the body's own production of testosterone (Tamoxifen, Clomid).

2. Chorionic gonadotropin. While carrying heavier course, applies Gonadotropin. The drug reduces the risk of developing testicular atrophy, Leydig cell desensitization.

3.Kabergolin (Dostinex).

The drug is used throughout the course every 4 days. Used in the application of progestin drugs (nandrolone, trenbolone). Preparation prolactin levels in the body. Prolactin is responsible for most of the exhibited side effects.

Besides the basic of these drugs after a term therapy may also include additional reception: testosterone boosters, hepatoprotectors, Omega-3, growth hormone, peptide cortizol blockers.

Estrogen receptor blockers

These drugs act by joining the estrogen receptor and thereby blocking estrogen access. This group includes Clomid (clomiphene), toremifene, tamoxifen.

Tamoxifen has a number of very useful side effects. The most important of them - a direct increase in the synthesis of luteinizing hormone (LH). The function of LH is to stimulate the work of the testicles. That leads to an increase in the production of testosterone and sperm. Tamoxifen is so effective that within 10 days of take in daily dosage of 20 mg increases the testosterone level by 42% in comparison with the baseline. Continuous take of the drug within 6 weeks shows the 83% increase.

Also under the effect of tamoxifen production of high-density lipoprotein is increased, which contribute to the prevention of atherosclerosis.

However, with all the advantages of tamoxifen, it is not recommended to inhibit aromatization during AAS cycle, as this greatly reduces the effectiveness of steroids. Basically it is used immediately after the steroid cycle.

It is not recommended to use estrogen receptors blockers concurrently with steroids with progestagenic activity - nandrolone, trenbolone, oksimetalona. This greatly strengthen their side effects.

The use tamoxifen on cycle is permissible only in case, when the drugs with low progestagenic activity (boldenone, stanazolol, Turinabol, oxandrolone, Primobolan, etc.) are used. In this case, tamoxifen will be useful, it will influence the secretion of endogenous AAS testosterone and balance the properties of steroids, reducing the production of high-density lipoprotein.

Effective dosages of tamoxifen - 20-60 mg/day, it is recommended to split the doses by 2-3 hours intervals. The actual dosage depends on the dosages used for the AAS cycle, as following:

The total dosage of AAS less then 500mg / week - 20 mg/day of tamoxifen.

500-1000mg / week - 40 mg / day.

More 1000mg / week - 60 mg / day.

Tamoxifen cycle should be at least 3-4 weeks after the course, but rather longer. Until the beginning of the next course.

Aromatase inhibitors

Aromatase inhibitors - the second class of drugs for the control of estrogen in the body. This drugs such as Proviron, letrozole and anastrazole. It is expedient to use both during and after the course. However, they also reduce the effect of the course.

Proviron® is not only an aromatase inhibitor, but also increases the libido, and increases the amount of produced sperm. Which is extremely useful for the restoration of the testicles. The dosages of 25-75 mg / day.

Letrozole and Anastrazole - very similar to each other medications. To prevent adverse effects on the cycleused dosage of 0.5 mg a day. For the treatment of gynecomastia - 1 mg / day and 2.5 mg Anastrazole / day letrozole. Both of these drug beneficial effect on testosterone secretion, but at a high dosage is lowered libido.

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